The Selfish Generation: A Guide to Making Millennials Interested in Your Company

Millennials make the largest portion of the employment market and as the late comers of Generation Y are getting older; companies must adapt in order to stand a chance in the battle for the top talent in the market. Differently to the opinion of many; flexible working conditions, posting team updates on social media or getting rid of formal wear are only scratching the surface in regards to the dominating work force. To truly get the most out of a team; organisations must carry out an inside-out change that requires commitment, and persistence.

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Selfishly Aware

It is dangerous to generalise, especially when speaking about people, but one truth must be addressed: Millennials are selfish, and for a good reason. They are different to past generations, who worked to provide and care for their personal needs and family. The popular argument is that for past generations, fulfilment seemed to stem from a place of security, and certainty. A place of reliability and power to provide.

On the complete other side of the spectrum, more than 50% of Millennials say that their main motivation is to make the world a better place. But wait, isn’t that the opposite of selfishness? No, it is not. Millennials know that the only way for them to make the world a better place is by following their gut, doing what they are good at, but above all- what they are passionate about. Millennials have experienced the big economical crash of 2008, and while their parents and family had to do everything to survive; millennials had the chance to listen and observe. Furthermore, Generation Yers have lived throughout the single, most extensive culture shift of the past generations called ‘the internet’. In the age where global warming is a priority, uncertainty is the only foreseeable future, and innovation is key; Millennials know they have no time to waste as it is their most valued asset. Millennials want to know that they have people to depend on, and a day to day working life, which justifies their efforts. Millennials want to be happy.


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Generation Y’s characteristics can be summarised as “self-awareness”, people who know who they are and what they want to achieve. That being the case, Managers must keep in mind that the dominating employee market is comprised of a group of selfishly aware individuals, who are driven by their values.


Strong Culture + Innovation = Attraction

The following sentence should be any business’s mantra: Your people will determine the future of your business. The process of change, has to start from the core of the organisation. In order to appeal to specific talent, the organisation must maintain a stance about its industry and the world around it. Moreover, as the foundation of the business and company culture- people must have an opinion. Whether it fits what a potential candidate believes or not, having an opinion is a strong positioning tool to portray dominance and experience.

In order to attract young professionals, your business must be easily noticeable. It is a 3 step process built on: Networking, Networking, and Networking. Networking by representing the company and keeping a code of conduct even when outside the office. Networking by creating an online persona through the production of content on a regular basis. Networking by building bridges and partnering with enterprises that share the company’s ideals. Becoming more than a ‘business’ and transforming into a ‘culture’.

At the same time, organisations must enforce innovation and future thinking. It is easy to blame Millennials for their tendency to leave an organisation after a short period of time, but the truth is that in the majority of cases: it is not their fault. To attract Millennials to your business and make them want to stay: the company’s culture must have an outlook to the future. It is in human nature to seek after attention and feel significant within the society that surrounds us- and therefore, young professionals must have the feeling that their efforts can make a change.


Make Them Feel In-Charge

At the end of the day, although Millennials are categorised as one big group that will one day dominate the market- they are all different people. If there is one thing to take away from this blog post is knowing that Millennials want to be in charge of their future. They want to know that they are putting their personal time into something that matters to them and can have an impact on others. Millennials want to be valued as people as well as employees.


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