Cyber Security Blog: Will Cloud Migration Increase Security Risk?

It is clear that Cloud Computing is the future and within the next 2 to 3 years the majority of companies that haven’t done so yet, will migrate to the Cloud. However, this has lead Information Security professionals everywhere to ask themselves the question ‘Would Cloud migration increase our Cyber Security risk?’

Less Secure or a New Battlefield- (1)

I recently read an article (which I am sure a number of you also have) that stated that 69% of IT professionals fear that migrating to the cloud increases data breach and Cyber Security risks while at the same time 43% believe it will increase the risk of account hijacking. That said, the real question that should be asked is whether or not Cloud Computing is a more accessible platform for data breaches?

“69% of IT professionals fear that migrating to the cloud increases data breach”

In my opinion Cloud Computing in not necessarily less secure than the current environment, however what it does bring- is new problems. It creates new risks, new threats and new opportunities for the ‘bad guys’ out there to strike.

2/3 years ago clients (I was working with) were rushing into Cloud Computing due to its cost saving advantages without fully appreciating the risks that may come with adopting it. However, looking at the current environment; it seems that companies are putting a much larger focus and emphasis onto security and risk than before (which is great!). One the other hand, new emerging technologies, applications and infrastructures create new challenges for the hackers, which they seem to love!

In the end, I believe that the only thing we can be sure of is that as a result of the expansion of Cloud Computing; Cloud Security and the solutions that surround it are going to develop rapidly. In turn, the shifting focus to Cloud adoption will lead to higher demand for security professionals with an understanding of Cloud and the risks it can bring. As someone that has collaborated with various managers that adopted Cloud Computing into their business operations in the past 2 years: I cannot stress enough the importance of learning about the Cloud platforms that are available. Furthermore, hiring Security specialists into a team takes great care. Specialists must be opinionated and educated in regard to the field in which they work with: ready to tackle any problem that may arise. One thing is certain without a doubt: companies that fail to have the appropriate security base to protect their data- are risking their most valuable assets and resources. Cyber Security is an ongoing battle, constantly adapting, constantly evolving. The instant we all realise that, will be the start of a new age where we can be a step ahead of cyber terrorists.

“Cyber Security is an ongoing battle, constantly adapting, constantly evolving.”

Here at Marcus Donald People my team and I are certainly noticing a large upward trend, in candidates looking to acquire security related skills through certifications and experience as well as the amount of clients demanding the skill-sets to ensure their operations are protected! The future of Cloud and Security is definitely an exciting prospect!!


Written by:

Jack Ambrose / Information Security and Risk Specialist at Marcus Donald People

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