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Our mission at Marcus Donald People is to always ensure all Candidates are placed in the role that best fits their skills and professional ambitions, while ensuring Employers hire the people who are right for their specific requirements. That said, the new service we introduced in the last month utilises today’s digital focus to transform our service to its most effective version yet.

Marcus Donald People is happy to introduce: Online Technical Testing Service.

How Does It Work?

In its most basic function, the online technical testing service is a customisable test-building platform for specific roles. The platform offers test templates for specific roles in varying difficulty levels- dependent on what will be required from the applicant. Moreover, the technical testing service gives employers the opportunity to create their own, role-specific questions and incorporate them into predetermined templates.

Though, the service’s real value comes from its in-depth analytic purposes. After constructing a specific test, candidates will complete it under specified timing conditions. Right thereafter the programme will provide a detailed analysis of each candidate’s results; detailing their strengths and weaknesses while carrying out the tests (e.g. time taken to complete each section, overall score, potential indicators etc.) as well as an overall comparison to all candidates that completed the test.

The technical Testing Service will essentially eliminate the obscurity of hiring an IT Professional without a real comparison of skills in relation to a particular role and other potential candidates. Furthermore, the technical testing service will allow employers to interview candidates while focusing solely on their personal fit with the team and company culture. From our years of experience across various market; we stress the importance of personal fit. In most cases, Marcus Donald People consultants find that personal and interpersonal factors determine if a partnership is successful or not.

What Does it Mean for Candidates?

In the same way employers look for the right individual, which will best complete daily challenges; we know that candidates look to work somewhere where their potential is maximised. With the help of the new Online Technical Testing Service, pre-interview technical testing will have the ability to mimic the tasks specific roles may include. That being the case, all the IT professionals we come in contact with will have the opportunity to make a highly informed decision prior to green-lighting an interview.

More importantly, by receiving a complete breakdown of test performances- IT professionals looking for their next job will have a higher level of self-awareness. What is meant by that, is that candidates will have the knowledge as to the role that fits them best, and thus the drive to go after roles in which fit them best; both on a professional and personal level.


On January 2016, we came out with a statement: “To Become the No. 1 IT Operations Recruitment Consultancy”. That said, our team is working hard to innovate our value offering for all our clients- Employers, and IT Job Seekers alike. A month after its incorporation, the Online Technical Testing has proven itself as a step in the right direction to achieve our goal; by means of innovating to our clients’ specific needs.

For more information about the Online Technical Testing service please contact one of our Consultants on 0203 328 0400

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