Cyber Security Blog: An Introduction

Post 1: Why Cyber Security is Such an Important Topic?

For the past decade or so, crime rates in the UK have been falling due to technological advances, making offences harder to commit. On the other hand, as a result of the same technological progression; authorities in the UK and around the globe face a new battle front.

Nowadays every individual who uses a computer, smartphone, and recently even a touch-only credit card faces cyber security risks. Even though many of us consider the risk to be limited- millions of people worldwide are cyber-victims. Whether they know it or not, and that is the problem. In fact in February 2015, one of the most extensive cyber-attacks was unveiled but only after it already resulted in the theft of over £650 million from numerous banks around Europe (for the full story: 

“Hackers are Leaving Traditional Robbers in the Dust”

Cases such as Talk Talk, PS3, and British Gas only scratch the surface when it comes to cyber security. The threat is becoming increasingly practical, imposing a great risk on people, businesses, and countries alike. The underlying phenomenon behind the fact that even the most sophisticated companies struggle in the battle against cyber-crime is due to the complexity and availability that is associated with these forms of breaches. While to commit a traditional crime, robbers have to be present in the place where it is occurring- hackers can hack a UK based organisation when being thousands of miles away. As the brilliant scientist Richard Feynman said “To every man is given the key to the gates of heaven. The same key opens the gates of hell”. The internet, smartphones and our increasing connectivity with one another is diminishing boundaries that slowed us down since the beginning of time. Though, the same technological advances and connectivity is the reason why hacking and cyber-crime have become such a viable threat around the world.

“Cyber Security Job Market is estimated to grow by more than 50% in the Next Two Years”

No matter how complex a security system is to penetrate, constant testing and modification is needed. As seen in past examples even when software or hardware is breached, detecting the breach is just as hard as preventing it. If companies want to stay safe, to ensure they do not fall behind and become easy targets to hackers- an array of professionals, engineers, and analysts have to be employed. That being the case, our Information Security Consultants estimate that the job market associated with cyber security can grow by over 50% in the next two years. Furthermore, this sector is characterised by talent shortages, which will keep existing in the following years to come. That said, the market gives candidates and specialist the power to demand high wages while committing to short-termed contracts.

The upcoming Marcus Donald Cyber Security Blog series will attempt to enrich our readers’ knowledge about the topic. Marcus Donald People consultants will analyse the Cyber Security job market, define the different roles depending on the various security needs a company may have, as well as explore the ranging types and forms of cyber-crime. The blog will be the first step in Marcus Donald’s efforts to create a more cyber-conscious business operations environment around the UK and Europe.

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