Every Moment Counts: The Importance of Interacting as a Leader

Every Moment Counts: The Importance of Interacting as a Leader

A normal working day is made out of meetings, calls, breaks, actual work, and for the most part; routinely scheduled interactions. Almost all our interactions within the work place are planned. Those which aren’t are only polite or artificial: ‘how are you?’, ‘how was your weekend?’, ‘Anyone wants a cup of coffee?’

With these diligently scheduled interactions, how can you find the time to make real connections with your people and team? How can you make people feel important for the work they do, and special for their own traits? The answer is really simple: 180 second calls
(3 minutes) and 5 minute meetings. People’s plans change and with that their ambitions, needs, and personal motives- a 180 second call or 5 minute meeting is all it takes to have a greater grasp on the people that make your organisations great.

180 Seconds. GO!

When things start to flow it is very hard to follow up on everything that’s going on. It’s even harder to find the time to acknowledge people for the work they do because at the end of the day- it is routine and it is expected of them.

180 second calls are there to change that. A few time a week, free up 3 minutes to call one of your team members. The calls are not there to emulate a polite conversation, situation report, or even to discuss weekend plans with the kids. This 180 second window is to let people know they are worth your time and provide them with value. Moreover, the conversation must have a clear message.

Topics of conversation should always be personal and directed towards the individual you are having a conversation with. From experience, the best topics are: appraisal for results, discussion about dynamic within the team, clarifying a situation, and asking for the person’s opinion (no matter what his/her position is).

It takes 180 seconds to make a lasting impression.

5 Minute Biography of You

As mentioned in the opening segment of this post- people change. A child on the way, an ambition to travel the world, mortgage, or a new fitness-focused lifestyle affect what we value in our daily life. Therefore what we see as important at work. To keep our team happy, we must identify what motivates each and every individual. A company trip to Las Vegas may interest some, but to someone who has a young child at home it may seem like a hustle.

5 minute meetings are there in order to give your team members a stage to talk about themselves in a casual environment. For some reason discussing a personal matter within a work place is associated with anxiety and seriousness. But a 5 minute meeting is fast, and provides just enough time to discuss what really matters. It could be used to ask for advice from you, to discuss a personal matter, or for a general check-up of how things are outside the workplace. While having the meeting, try not to stray away from talking about yourself as well- it is an interactive process.

Why Do it?

By using these simple tools you can:

  • Create great upside to the person on the other side
  • Increase your value as a Leader
  • Most of all: Create a connection with your team, which will immensely strengthen the brand you are selling

A 180 second call or a 5 minute meeting can be the difference between a person staying for the next 8-12 years or leaving in the next few months. Most leaders fall into the trap of thinking in a short-term mind set instead of looking at the whole picture and doing what’s right for their people.

Whether it is by utilising these tools or other you see fit; always make time for the people who share your vision.

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