Should You Risk it? How much is worth risking for your future?

Should You Risk it? How much is worth risking for your future?

Many of us are scared of taking any risks in the workplace. It is our nature to believe we are safer remaining within the comfort zone and letting things breeze by, without risking our position. We stay in a job that doesn’t encourage us, because we are scared of risking our income, we choose to hush our opinions in order to avoid confrontations. Many people end up losing the drive to make a mark and willingly settle for cruising along.

Although risks are seen as something scary, which bear with them high uncertainty- they may very well be the only guaranteed way to move forward and develop. That said; how can you know if the risk is worth it? What is the maximum you can and should risk at a given situation?

The answers to both questions can only be answered by you.

Changing the Dialogue on ‘Risk’

The word ‘risk’ has negative connotations, but it could have easily been referred to as ‘strategy’ or ‘movement’. In contrast to what many believe, risk is a strategic move to either take a step forward or stimulate change. That being the case, no matter what the issue at hand is; taking a risk should not be a responsive or instinctive tool but a strategic initiative to propel a situation towards a defined goal.

Prior to taking a risk, you should work to obtain a clear definition of both success and failure. This way, no uncertainty is associated with the decision- as you are the one who defines the risk involved.

Take Small Risks Constantly

“Life is like going the wrong way on a moving side walk. Walk and you stay put. Stand still and you go backwards.  To get ahead you must hustle.” (Life in 27 Seconds By Casey Neistat)

The 27-second video above perfectly describes why taking small risks, to make your daily life more engaging are so important. Significant, life-changing risks should be treated cautiously and planned step-by-step. But, there are small risks which go through our minds on a daily basis. Take those risks.

‘Work’ isn’t only about doing your daily tasks. In fact, doing your daily tasks is something that is expected of you. Affirming your position within the ecosystem we call ‘the workplace’ is a whole other story. To really get what you want out of your working life within an organisation, you must take small risks in large volumes. Whether the results will be successful or not doesn’t matter as much as establishing a defined position. The downside is incredibly small, while the upside brings you a step closer to where you would like to be. Don’t forget, even small risks should be strategized.

If Johnny wants to become a team leader 3 years down the line, he must prove he has what it takes starting today. So, next time he sees a team member struggling, or the current team leader under excessive pressure- he should slowly become the first point of contact. How? You ask. By being vocal, asking questions, taking time off work to bond with strategic connections outside and inside the team. Take risks which will encourage others, and you will be on the right path.

Life Changing Risks

What is the maximum you should risk? If it is a life changing decision at hand… Some of the most successful business professionals around the world say that the most you should ever risk is: everything you have, given that if you fail you will still have enough to keep going. This may seem vague, but in reality this means ‘risk everything you are able to lose’.

To get to where you want, you will have to take risks- the fun is learning through experience which ones should be taken and which ones should not. At the end of the day, strategy is essential within the workplace and movement inevitable.

Stay on your toes. Risks are calculated actions, not leaps of faith.

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