What is the thing we want ? Bye Bye 2016 – Hello 2017 !!

As we bring 2016 to a close and start thinking (like we always do around this time of year) what our resolutions and plans are for 2017, the conclusion is that the hardest thing (in my opinion) is knowing what we actually want in life.

Yes it’s probably the usual, be healthier, happier, promotion, financial goals etc , but if we break it down, what does that really look like and then break it down further into steps and ask yourself what do I honestly need to do to make this happen? And further still and ask yourself am I prepared to take these steps and do I have the skills to make this happen!

But, without a realistic goal then there is no really strategy in the steps being taken, so ask what is the “thing” we are reaching too? Whatever it is, go and make this happen! and dont’ look back in a years time and make the same plans with no progression!

I’m keen to hear what others are reaching too , so please comment and share.

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