Marcus Donald – Re brand and Why?

Welcome to our new website and re brand, I wanted to portray the reason for this and, like in life, any journey we embark upon can have different unexpected twists and turns and when this happens we need to adapt to these changes. In business it is no different. Change comes with a new set of opportunities, playing to our strengths and adopting a slightly different direction.

Firstly, our core values will never change, and this is so important to us, as a company and personally as a Managing Director working as a team to do our best and deliver in all situations. Like our slogan say “Driven by Technology, Empowered by People” in the forever changing world of technology it is always evolving but the core human value will remain the same, which is the essence behind our slogan and ingrained deeply in the brand of Marcus Donald!

We have realigned our service to be the experts in the field we are best at and shifted our focus to solely; Network / Support / Infrastructure, Cloud Computing & Cyber Security, with Business Transformation circling our core technologies.

The reason for this; historical data clearly indicated our expertise in delivering across these core areas. Having done this for over ten years, we know our candidates and customers. On average, for every requirement registered in these areas we delivered in less than 48 hours!

Response time to our client’s needs, without sacrificing on quality, has always been our greatest strength and this is the secret to why so many of clients return to us with their recruitment needs (over 85% of our business is repeat).

We are keen to bring our recruitment expertise to the US market and in the summer of 2016 we launched our New York office and incorporated this into our re brand of being a “Global Partner”.

So there you have it. In short the reason for the re brand, to showcase our core niche markets with the emphasis on the UK and the US markets.

If you haven’t yet worked with Marcus Donald then why not give us a call and see how we compare to your current suppliers. We are happy to listen to any suggestions or ideas you may have, please contact me directly on

Finally, I invite you to follow our social media channels to be kept up to date with all the latest information and jobs in our field of expertise!

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