New Year's Resolutions – 2019

I just Googled “New Year’s Resolutions”. Came up with 226 million results.

Some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions are losing weight, exercising more and quit smoking. Other popular ones include saving money, getting a better job, starting a degree (or getting better grades on an existing one), reducing stress, taking a trip or volunteering. Studies suggest that by making New Year’s Resolutions you are a lot more likely to succeed your goal.


Should I join a gym?

New Year's Resolutions





If you are thinking of joining the gym just for the sake of it, don’t do it. If you are trying to lose weight, set a target. Make sure you have a clear reason as to why you want to lose weight and don’t drown yourself trying. The exercise needs to be playful and fun (I know what you are thinking, yes it can be fun).




Be creative with your exercise; attend classes, go swimming or hiking, workout as you clean your house, cycle to work, go dancing or karate; there are so many things out there, you don’t need to “hit the gym”. Different types of working out help in different ways. Exercises like yoga or meditation can help your mental health, which is required for a good physical health.

Should I give up my job?

New Year's Resolutions




If you are back from the Christmas break thinking “what am I still doing here?”, then its time for a change. There are more vacancies around now than ever. I know how frustrating it can be when you are back from holidays, but DON’T RUSH IT. Polish up your CV, gather up information regarding your work, achievements and CSR things you have done.





Businesses are increasingly interested for candidates who have more to offer than just a set of requires skills. Then you will be able to use agencies like Marcus Donald People who will be able to give you the correct advise and connect you with companies globally.

Should I take more holidays?

New Year's Resolutions




Yes. A recent British Airways study found that more than half of the working population don’t use their holiday insurance and more than one third of UK workers are afraid to take a two-week holiday in case their co-workers think they are not taking their work seriously.





Sometimes work is so overwhelming and there may be projects running which need your attention, but you should always set time aside for yourself. You may be thinking that by working you are making money but if your wellbeing is not treated well enough, then the work that you are putting in will not be as effective.

Do I deserve more money?

New Year’s day is the time of the  when employees request for a pay rise. Do your research and find salary guides on how much you are meant to be getting paid. Have an honest conversation with your manager or HR department and ask for more if you feel like you are entitled to a better wage. The best time is before April when the new financial year starts so your manager can plan ahead budgeting.

Should I save more money?

New Year's Resolutions





Absolutely yes. Not only this will be your “cushion” in case of an emergency, it will make you feel more confident and you will be able to book a holiday or two and treat yourself. The best way to do this is immediately after you get your pay check. That way you will not get your hands on it and you will be able to budget your month accordingly.





One of the most common problems with New Year’s Resolutions is whether they are based on things you actually want to do rather than what you think you should be doing. Too often, they are based on social expectations from a magazine or an ad you saw online showing “how to get fit by the summer”.

I overheard a colleague earlier this morning saying he is seeing his aunt every Christmas. No communication the rest of the year, but every Christmas she is invited to his family’s Christmas table and they talk about each other’s year. A resolution doesn’t need to be extraordinary or life-changing, it can be as simple as seeing your family more often and picking that phone of yours to make a call every once in a while!

From all of us at Marcus Donald People, have a great 2019. We wish you all the best and a healthy, successful year.

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