Top 5 #CyberSecurity Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Maybe the most useful tool to stay up to date with everything that has to do with the Cyber Security and IT world is Twitter. As opposed to reading a magazine or following the news which can only cover a limited amount of information- Twitter is a constant stream of information as well as professional opinions. By simply searching #CyberSecurity on Twitter you will have access to everything that is happening in the field at a given point in time.

What’s even better is that some of the brightest Security minds have their own Twitter pages. As a result, anyone can dig deep into what Cyber Security influencers are up to, what their opinions are, and what are the pressing issues in the Information Security world.

We compiled the top 5 Security Influencer profiles for you to follow on Twitter (in no specific order).

Richard Bejtlich (@taosecurity)

Richard Bejtlich is first and foremost an interesting personality to follow. As his personal description reads “Husband, dad. @FireEye @Mandiant strategist. @BrookingsInst nonres sr fellow. @warstudies postgrad. USAF Intel vet. Roman Catholic. Martial artist, #KravMaga.” This man is full of interesting, life and professional experiences – portrayed through his twitter page daily.

The combination of strategic thinking content, #cybersecurity news as well as a tendency to share his personal opinions on burning business and strategy matters make this twitter feed valuable to say the least. In addition to posting content daily, @taosecurity will respond to and endorse opinions expressed by fellow strategists and professionals.

Robert M. Lee (@RobertMLee)

Based in San Antonio, Robert M. Lee brings a creative, engaging touch to cyber security and learning of the craft. Through his illustrations and blog posts; this man strives to encourage learning in new and exciting ways that extend beyond simple transactions.

Furthermore, Robert is the founder and owner of Dragos, Inc. a cybersecurity company focused on developing multiple solutions. He is a SANS course author and much more. Though, we visit his Twitter Feed for some spark in what is otherwise a news filled topic.

Troels Oerting (@TroelsOerting)

Troels Oerting is the group CISO at Barclays Bank Plc. But from reading his twitter feed it can be seen that he is most of all a cybersecurity enthusiast. As he puts it himself, the twitter page is his own creation and he is the only one in charge of updating it daily. Troels Oerting is using twitter to show us what he, one of the brightest cyber security minds in Europe is thinking about daily.

If you aspire to be a market leader, a better employee, or simply cyber security savvy… Troels Oerting’s twitter page will most definitely push you in the right direction!

Neira Jones (@neirajones)

USA, Europe, UK, and Asia… Neira Jones is your one stop shop for all around cyber security facts and knowledge around the world. No more and no less, news, news and more news. Once in a while she will spice up her feed with psychology or strategy food for thought.

But above all, if you are looking for a feed that will update you on top stories around the world; this is the one to follow.

Josh Corman (@joshcorman)

Josh Corman is a Cyber Security influencer, public speaker or as he likes to put it; “CyberSafety Advocate”. He is the Director of Cyber Statecraft, and as a result he travels around the world most of his time.

What does that mean for you? It means you can join this multi-talented #cybersecurity professional on his journey to better understand and inform society about safety in the current state of technology and our ever-changing society.

All these feeds have been selected due to recent posts, engagement and growth. Though, expect more from the world of Twitter – everyday can bring something special.

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