How to attract and retain talented IT professionals?


from building a strong outward-facing company culture, one of the best ways to attract and in this case also retain talented IT professionals is by having a great reputation. Reputation to offer IT professionals what a competitive market dictates as needed. Given the currently growing shortage of available IT workforce. Top 7 ways to keep your workers happy while attracting new ones:

  1. Paying above market rate top

Especially at a time where many IT professionals choose the option of short term contracts in order to maximize their income. A company willing to offer above market rate wages could win their attention.

  1. Providing challenging tasks

According to many researches made since the tech boom, there is one aspect of a potential role which attracts IT professionals’ attention more than monetary rewards. That is, how challenging a task is. When looking for new roles, the most talented experts look for jobs which will challenge them, add to their skill sets, and become something they can pride themselves of being a part of.

  1. Encourage a culture where business operations and technology are interconnected

Technology is an inseparable part if our daily life and our way of communicating. Many businesses make the mistake of restricting access to technology in the fear it will result in an inefficient workforce. Although, all it creates is discomfort amongst employees. Employees associate a technology-savvy culture with innovation and interconnectivity within the business. That said, by incorporating technology talent is sure to gravitate towards a future oriented team.

  1. Ensure the latest tools are provided for team members

As IT and technology is an ever-changing field of expertise, professionals are more likely to work for an organisation which constantly updates itself. That means in terms of tools and operations consequently adapting to latest trends and technologies.

  1. Promote flexible schedules and remote working

Work-life balance can mean different things for different people, but many people long after that balance (however they define it). Especially given the recent trend in fitness, and wellbeing- promoting a balanced life at work will attract top professionals to your organisation.

  1. Offer clear growth and professional development plans

“If you don’t have a goal, you can’t score”, is a widely used quote. In this case it means giving your employees a clear blueprint to how they can progress and where they can get to. It doesn’t mean they must follow the blueprint, but giving employees a plan of action will surely increase productivity and incentive to remain in the organisation.

  1. Listen to your employees and act on it

People have changing aspirations, goals, life events, fears etc. To always know what motivates your employees and what to offer them, try to listen to them as much as you can. Then, when appropriate; measures to help them carry out their work and maximise their potential should be undertaken.

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