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contract vs perm

Pros and Cons: Contract VS Permanent

Does this sound familiar? You have been looking for a permanent Infrastructure Analyst for the last 3 months, have waded through hundreds of promising CV’s, spent hour’s interviews, only to end up back at square one, coupled with losing good permanent designers to your competition. We have a solution. To take on a consultant on […]


Why so many tech companies are moving to the cloud

From Microsoft Azure to AWS (Amazon Web Services) or private clouds, such as IBM, the choice of cloud platforms and services available has never been greater. More and more tech companies (or the tech sides of businesses) are moving over to the cloud. This is no surprise as making the move offers significant benefits for […]


Why swarming should replace three-tier support

As we move into the era of DevOps, it is an opportune moment to pause and reflect. It is well worth considering just how fit for purpose the organisational structure currently in place in the vast majority of IT support teams actually is. Not to beat around the bush, many will find that that their […]


How to roll with the punches like Rocky Balboa

We can all learn from role models and we can all take inspiration from others. It can be the people who are closest to us – family and friends – or celebrities, sports people, musicians… it doesn’t really matter. It is what we get and what we learn from them that counts. Inspiration can come […]


Why ‘no-shows’ should be a ‘no-go’ for you

The employment landscape is now more fluid and flexible than it has ever been. Of course, this brings with it many advantages. However, while ‘security’ might be something that more and more people seem prepared to forego for a bit more employment ‘freedom’, does this also mean that honesty and integrity also have to fall […]


What are the benefits and why you should invest in change management?

Change happens every day in any organisation. New initiatives and projects are launched on virtually a daily basis – to increase profits, to boost the competitive advantage, or to boost productivity and performance. But these days change is happening at a faster pace and with greater frequency. Companies cannot afford to believe that ‘if it […]


Only 10% of C-level candidates are good: How can you attract them?

An optimist might claim that around 20%-30% of C-level candidates are strong. A slightly more pessimistic (and perhaps more realistic) view might put the figure at more like 10%. There’s little point in debating over what the exact figure actually is – it is immaterial. What is clear is that there is never likely to […]


How to secure and retain C-level candidates

When looking to fill C-Suite positions, it is the overall package on offer that will help your organisation to attract, secure and retain to top C-level talent. Company boards and HR teams need to put together a package that is compelling and captivating for prospective candidates. Packages should blend a competitive salary, benefits and bonuses, […]

retained search

The benefits of retained search

Retained search offers several advantages over the conventional contingent model. Firstly, it should be noted that the technology recruitment market is increasingly candidate driven. The top talent that is out there is willing to jump ship and move to another company, but they will only do so if they are given compelling motivations to do […]


5 things successful recruiters have given up

The distance between success and failure is often not that great, especially for recruiters. It is a thin line and there are slim margins between the two at times. However, the character and mind-set of a successful person and that of an unsuccessful person are often substantially different. To put it bluntly, winners have a […]


Recruitment is a 3-way thing: The triangle of trust

When people try to explain the importance of relationships in business, recruitment, and various other sectors, the ‘triangle of…’ or triangulation is often used as a way to show how each party must work with one another to bring about a desired result. In education, we talk of the school-student-parent relationship being all-important. Health, we speak […]


How to write the killer cover letter

The cover letter is dead, right? Surely, in 2017, in the age of gamified recruitment processes and video interviews, the archaic art of cover letter writing must have been confined to the job application dustbin by now? Well, a 2015 survey by Jobvite did find that 55% of hiring managers don’t even bother to read […]

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